What we do

We design and always offer the right, high-quality fire-resistant solutions. With our extensive knowledge, skilled professionals, and products, we create the desired fire-safe situation in the most practical and economical ways. This way, you can consolidate everything related to structural fire prevention under one roof.

Inspection and advice

A critical assessment of all possible fire hazards related to personnel, premises, services, and business methods.

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Fireproof structures

We ensure that all elements of the building structure provide (additional) resistance to fire.

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Fireproof sealing

By sealing penetrations, joints, and openings, we prevent fire penetration and spread.

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Fireproof coatings

With the right fire-resistant coatings, we prevent steel from losing its load-bearing capacity.

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Your reliable partner for Fire, Explosion, and Blast Protection.

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Control and maintenance

We conduct the annual inspection and maintenance regarding fire safety in mutual agreement.

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We guarantee!

Novio Firestop stands for high-quality end products. The manufacturers we work with give up until 30 years of warranty on the products that are used by us.

Per project, you will receive a warranty declaration with the associated ETA (European Technical Approval) documents and possible revision documents (such as drawings).