Your trusted partner for Fire, Explosion, and Blast protection

Novio Firestop provides a wide range of vigorously tested and trusted solutions for the Petrochemical sector.

We have extensive knowledge of hydrocarbon passive fire protection as well as Jet propulsion fires and various other high-intensity scenarios. We can assist you in all aspects of your project.

When you choose hydrocarbon passive fire protection, you need a solution you can trust. At Novio Firestop, we use our extensive expertise in PFP and oil & gas coatings to ensure you get the ideal solution for your plant – a high-performance system that will last for many years is fully weatherproof and will deliver reliable fire protection.

Reliable fireproofing for high-risk environments

In high-risk environments such as refineries and LNG plants, passive fire protection and blast barriers are indispensable. Our wide range of proven materials is tested and fully certified to local and international standards (EN 13381-4, ISO 22899-1, ISO 20088-1 and UL1709). Our solutions for hydrocarbon pool fire, jet fire, explosions, and blast are designed to save lives, equipment, and assets.

  1. More than 10 years in passive fire protection
  2. Proven experience in oil & gas
  3. Full range of products certified to local and international standards
  4. Expert support in key oil & gas locations
  5. Consistent high-quality and global delivery

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