VCA Certification.

VCA (Safety, Health, and Environment Checklist for Contractors) is a Dutch standard aimed at reducing safety and health risks in the workplace.

The VCA certificate is intended for companies carrying out work with increased risk (from the client’s perspective), such as construction sites, workshops, or other project locations. With Novio Firestop being a VCA-certified company, the client can be assured that our operations are carried out with the necessary knowledge in the areas of safety, health, and environment.


Novio Firestop holds the VCA ** Certificate. VCA** is specifically intended for main contractors and focuses on safety, health, and environmental activities in the workplace. Additionally, VCA** also addresses policies, structures, and planning in the areas of safety, health, and environment.

Our employees possess the necessary VCA diplomas. All tools and other equipment are inspected and maintained annually. At Novio Firestop, work is carried out safely following occupational health and safety requirements.

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