Recent fatal accidents in fires and buildings that were damaged because of a lack of structural stability show that it is important to guarantee and improve the fire safety of buildings. A lack of safety standards could lead to loss of lives and property, but also reputation and turnover.

The authorities demand a specific and extensive inspection and audit process, concerning the structural stability and fire safety of buildings. To comply with this, a systematic and critical assessment of all possible hazards in relation to staff, building, services, and business methods, is required.

How can we help you?

Novio Firestop offers fire and structural safety inspections and audit services for commercial and industrial buildings. These services comply with the demands of the building decree, while the process at the end, the manufacturers, is facilitated. We can help you improve construction faults in the building by complying with legal requirements.

Would you like to be certain that your property complies with the legal frameworks in the field of fire safety? Our project leaders can carry out a fire safety survey of your property with our digital systems to determine if your building complies with legal requirements. This will result in a clear report with concrete measures for passive structural fire safety.

Our expertise:

  • Conducting Quick scans
  • Conducting Zero measurements
  • Drafting Fire safety advice
  • Drafting maintenance/inspection contracts
  • Assessment and advice on evacuation organization

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