LEED, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is the most used assessment system of sustainable buildings in the world. LEED provides a framework for the building of healthy, efficient and cost-saving green buildings, and is available for nearly all types of building projects. LEED certification is therefore an internationally recognised system of sustainability.

Novio Firestop pays attention to the use of LEED-certified products in passive fire protection in the building sector.


Our green product line consists of fireproof products which are qualified as building materials for ecologic construction. The percentage volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in these products is considerably lower than the detection limit. As a consequence, our products comply with the requirements in the 10/2010 German DIBt report about ‘Zulassungsgrundsätzen zur gesundheitlichen Bewertung von Bauprodukten in Innenräumen’ (‘Admission principles for healthcare related assessment of building products in the interior’), in conjunction with the LCI values issued by the AgBB (German committee for the assessment of building products in the field of health). So, these products are highly recommended for public buildings that must comply with the assessment criteria from the ‘Nachhaltiges Bauen für Bundesgebäude’ (Guidelines Sustainable building for public buildings), published by the German Federal Ministry for Transportation, Construction and Urban Development.

European Standard

All fire protection systems from Novio Firestop fall under the certified products and are approved in accordance with the European standard EN 13501-2, especially for R30/R60. R90/R120 applications are tested and approved in accordance with the British standard (BS 476). All system components are water-based and therefore environmentally friendly. All our coatings for the sealing of penetrations and fire protection of cables (both inside and outside), our transparent fireproof coating system for wood and our fireproof coating system for concrete structures, are certified.

Novio Firestop products are non-VOC and therefore comply with the criteria of LEED EQ c4.2. The emission certificates of these products are in line with ISO 16000. The evaluation tables of the AgBB provide architects and planners with so-called ‘credit points’ for the assessment of the environmental standard of a building according to BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) and for the distinction of the German Sustainable Building Certificate (DGNB). According to the French systems of emission certificates (DEVL1101903D and DEVL1104875A), all products are also assessed as emission class A+ (very low emissions).

Products used by Novio Firestop carry the following tags:

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