High-grade and innovative

We distinguish ourselves by high-quality production and an innovative attitude. This way, you can check the result of the fireproof work that we performed at each moment through a fully digitalised administration. With this conclusive registration you will comply with the responsibility for safety, in accordance with the building decree.

Novio Firestop also holds the VCA** Certificate. As a VCA-certified company, Novio Firestop ensures that every task is carried out with the necessary knowledge in the areas of safety, health, and environment, providing assurance to every client.

File Passive Fire Safety

The data provided by our mechanics, is digitally processed in our construction plans, recess lists and photo albums. This results in a full project administration.

You will receive this information on a USB memory stick, together with the official warranty certificate bundled in a full commissioning package: the File Passive Fire Safety.

This consists of:

  • Photos of the work/measures taken carried out;
  • Recess lists with relevant photos linked to the construction plans;
  • The necessary certificates;
  • Test reports and classification documents;
  • Warranty declarations.

Always well-informed

For quality and progress of the process, it is essential that all parties involved have the most up-to-date information at their disposal. To realise this, we work with a digital control system in all our projects.

This control system is available for all project members. Documents and actions concerning structural fire prevention, are managed, processed and send in here.

All data is kept in the cloud, so that you and a possible client can always have access. During the building’s life cycle, new mutations can easily be added.

Our partners

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