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A critical assessment of all possible fire hazards in relation to personnel, building, services, and business methods.

We will make sure that all elements of the building structure offer (extra) resistance against fire.

By sealing off bushings, joints and recesses, we will prevent fire penetration and spread of fire.

With the right fireproof coatings, we prevent that steel loses its bearing strength.

In agreement with each other, we carry out the annual monitoring and maintenance in the field of fire safety.

We offer digital insight into the work performed, certificates, warranty declarations, etc.

Novio Firestop

Novio Firestop is the most reliable authority when it comes to making and keeping buildings fireproof. With ample experience throughout Europe and North-America, our company is market leader in the field of fire prevention.

We always design and offer the right, high-quality fireproof solutions. With our extensive knowledge, specialists and products, we create the preferred fireproof situation in the most practical and economic manner. This way, you can house everything relating to constructional fire prevention under one roof.

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