Control and maintenance

After your construction project has been finished, fire-resistance will remain an important point of attention. Even when you comply with all legal requirements at that point. After the official completion there will still installation work that needs to be performed within the facility.

During this work, there will probably and regularly be perforation of fire barriers, whether or not close to existing fire-resisting seals. This will put fire safety of the facility at risk.

Periodic maintenance check

Even with simple renovations, fire barriers can easily change, so that fire penetration or spread of fire can occur. We can prevent situations like that for you. During a periodic maintenance check, we will indicate exactly where the possible focus areas can be found.

To ensure fire safety in your building, Novio Firestop will put together a Digital Management plan together with you. Goal of this plan is to guarantee fire safety within the facility for 100%, now and in the future, for both staff members and visitors.

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